Companion Laser Therapy


Companion Laser Therapy is an FDA-cleared low level laser (a specific wavelength of light) that speeds healing and alleviates pain and inflammation by stimulating cellular activity using the body’s own healing process. This therapy has been clinically studied and in real-world use for decades. Laser Therapy can be used with or without medications, is extremely well tolerated by pets and has no known side effects.

What To Expect: 

  • You can stay with your pet during treatment.
  • Each treatment takes about 3 to 6 minutes per site.
  • Your pet gets to wear a really cool pair of “Doggles”, eye protection during the use of the therapy laser. You and the laser tech also get to wear goggles.
  • Most pets relax during treatment since it feels warm and soothing to them. No sedation is needed.
  • You may need to bring your pet back for a series of short Laser Therapy sessions.

What Conditions Can Laser Therapy Help?